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Commercial Air Purifier Services in Stamford, CT

T&H Mechanical Systems - Commercial Air Purifiers

Did you know that the air quality inside of a building is often worse than the air quality outdoors? The air in your building continues to circulate as your heating and air conditioning systems run, which means that any particles in the air usually circulate with it. Unfortunately, many of these particles have an impact on the health of the people on your property, especially those with asthma and severe allergies. And for these people, a standard air filter might not be enough to reduce symptoms.

Get in touch with the people at T&H Mechanical Systems to see about adding an air purifier onto your commercial property. Our systems don’t just purify a single area of the building. A commercial air purifier cleans the air throughout the HVAC system, so that your entire commercial space has cleaner air. For more information, installation, replacement, or repair and maintenance services, call our friendly team. We want to help you see that everyone on your commercial property in Stamford, CT has a safe and healthy environment.

T&H Mechanical Systems provides quality commercial air purifier services near Stamford, CT and the surrounding areas.

Do You Need a Commercial Air Purifier?

Commercial air purifiers are not necessarily a requirement for most commercial buildings, but that doesn’t mean that your building is safe without one. Commercial air purifiers serve a lot of vital purposes for businesses in our area. In some cases, business owners purchase indoor air quality systems to help the people on the property stay healthy—a kind gesture when employees or tenants spend large portions of their days on–site.

A commercial air purifier may help to prevent the spread of bacteria and mold spores. Additionally, they can help to slow the buildup of dust around the property. If you are working with delicate machinery, intricate computer systems, or laboratory research materials, this may be the reason you decide to install one.

Finding the Best Commercial Air Purifier for Your Property

When you are looking for a commercial air purifier to meet all of your needs, sizing is one of the most important factors. After your technician has determined the exact size necessary for the space on your property, you will need to determine which features you want in an indoor air quality system. You may decide on a media filter that traps contaminants, or you might want a UV air purifier that kills and sterilizes viruses and bacteria on contact. You may decide on an electronic air purifier that charges particles in the air so that they cling to a surface in the system rather than remaining in the air. The most important thing is that you work with a technician to help you decide.

We Provide Commercial Air Purifiers and Services in Stamford, CT

Don’t let the quality of the air on your commercial property affect your business. Call the friendly people on our team and learn about your options for a new or replacement commercial indoor air quality system. We install and service a variety of air purifiers in commercial HVAC systems 25 tons and under. Get in touch with T&H Mechanical Systems for healthier, cleaner air on your property in Stamford, CT.