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Boiler Services in Stamford, CT by T&H Mechanical Systems

T&H Mechanical Systems - Boilers

When you think of a home heating system, you probably think of a forced air system. While forced air systems are certainly the most common home heating systems in the country, they are far from the only option. Boiler heating systems have been around for a very long time, and are still a very viable option for homeowners looking for alternate home heating solutions. T&H Mechanical Systems offers comprehensive boiler services. If you need a boiler system installed, repaired, maintained, or replaced, we can help. Call today to schedule an appointment with one of our boiler experts. We’ll find the perfect boiler solution for you.

T&H Mechanical Systems provides quality boiler services near Stamford, CT and the surrounding areas.

How a Boiler Heats a Home

A boiler system does not operate in the same way that a forced air system does. In a boiler based heating system, the boiler heats water and distributes it through a pipe network installed throughout the house. The pipes are installed in the walls and/or subfloor of each room. As the hot water flows through these pipes, the heat from them radiates up through the surface and into the room. This method of heating is known as "radiant heating." Sometimes, there will be terminals like iron radiators or baseboard heaters attached to the pipe network at various points.

The Advantages of a Boiler System

Boiler based radiant heating has a wide variety of advantages. First, boiler heating systems are more energy efficient than traditional heating systems. Air is actually a poor conductor of thermal energy for a number of reasons. It takes a while to heat up, and since warm air rises to the top of a room it tends not to create hot and cold spots when a forced air heater is operating. Forced air heaters also lose a lot of output to duct leaks, up to 30% according to the US Department of Energy.

By contrast, boiler systems use water as a thermal medium, which absorbs and holds heat more easily. Since boilers don’t use ducts, they also don’t suffer the problem of duct leaks that forced air systems do. This means that they deliver much more of their total output to the intended destination.

Boiler systems also help maintain a high indoor air quality. Forced air systems tend to dry out the air, and circulate microscopic airborne contaminants during operation. Boiler systems don’t do either of these things, as they don’t use air to circulate heat.

We Install and Service Boilers

Installing a heating system is always something that should be left to a professional, and boilers are no different. Unless your home is already set up for radiant heating, you’re going to need to have the water pipe network installed in each room you want to be heated. Then comes the boiler itself, which will need access to the electrical grid and gas line (if it’s a gas boiler). We can handle all of these steps for you. We also offer a full range of repair and maintenance services. Call T&H Mechanical Systems today to schedule an appointment.