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Ductless Heating Services in Stamford, CT by T&H Mechanical Systems

T&H Mechanical Systems - Ductless Heating

If you’re looking for a new home heating system for this winter, don’t be fooled into thinking that centralized heaters are your only solution. Ductless heating may be a relatively new heating technology for residential properties, but it’s already gaining quite a bit of popularity for its many advantages. We offer a full range of ductless heating solutions. If you need a ductless heating system installed, repaired, maintained, or replaced, call today to set up an appointment. You don’t have to settle for a system that doesn’t meet your unique heating needs. Let T&H Mechanical Systems handle your ductless heating solution for you.

T&H Mechanical Systems provides quality ductless heating services near Stamford, CT and the surrounding areas.

How a Ductless Heating System Works

A ductless heating system is rather unusual, especially for a heater. It is comprised of at least two units, one installed in a room of the home and one installed outside. Up to 4 inside units can be connected to one outside unit. When in heating mode, the outside unit will siphon thermal energy from the surrounding air and send it to the inside units. The inside units will then release the thermal energy into their respective rooms. Each inside unit also has its own thermostat, which allows it to operate independently of the rest of the system. Ductless heating systems are also able to reverse their refrigerant flows, allowing them to act as air conditioning systems as well.

The Advantages of a Ductless Heating System

Because these systems do not have to burn fuel for heat, they are naturally more energy efficient than other traditional heating systems. Over time, you can save quite a bit of money on this advantage alone. You can further financial advantage by only having to rely on your ductless heater all year round. Since it can act as both a heater and air conditioner, you’ll never have to install a separate system. Finally, with a ductless system you gain the advantage of being able to control your climate from room to room. Each room has its own level of ideal heating or cooling, something that cannot be addressed by the one–size–fits–all solution that centralized systems use. With ductless heating, you can ensure that each room gets exactly the right level of output.

We Install, Repair, and Maintain Ductless Heating Systems

Installing a ductless heating system is more difficult than other heating systems. This is because most homes are built to handle centralized forced air systems. You’re likely going to need a bit of construction work done when you have your ductless heating system installed, but it is very minimal. We can handle all of your ductless heating installation for you.

Ductless heating systems also require the occasional repair and maintenance procedures. If your system is in need of repairs, call us and we can take care of it for you. You should also schedule maintenance for your system at least once a year, to ensure that it stays in good shape. Call T&H Mechanical Systems today for more information.