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Air Purifier ServicesĀ in Stamford, CT by T&H Mechanical Systems

T&H Mechanical Systems - Air Purifiers

The quality of your indoor air matters almost as much as maintain the right temperature or keeping humidity levels where they’re supposed to be. Stamford has its share of pollutants in the air ranging from dust particles to mites and germs to pollen every spring resulting in horrendous allergy attacks. Those problems can’t be treated with an air conditioner or a heater, but an electronic air purifier can work wonders. With one installed in your home, You’ll notice not only a fresher, cleaner feeling in your air, but a reduced frequency of illnesses in your family, and a more efficient HVAC system that cost you less in monthly bills.

For that to happen, though, you need the right service to not only install the system, but repair and maintain it throughout its life, then replace it when the time comes to install a new one. T&H Mechanical Systems handles air purifier services and takes great pride in doing our job efficiently and effectively. If you think an air purifier might be right for your home, then pick up the phone and call us. You’ll be amazed at the difference it will make!

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What Is an Air Purifier?

An air purifier serves to remove dust, dirt and similar contaminants from the air in your home. Most air conditioning systems come equipped with basic filters to do this job, but filters can only do so much, and they need to be replaced with some frequency. Electronic air purifiers, on the other hand, do their jobs much more efficiently, and remove more dust without needing to be replaced. The most popular models use an ionization chamber, which air passes through as it is blown into the ducts by your HVAC system. The chamber ionizes any and all particles that pass through it. They stick to the walls of a special collection chamber (though cheaper models simply cause them to stick to the walls and furnishings in your home), removed from the air and allowing you to literally breathe easier.

With T&H Mechanical Systems, You Take the Guesswork Out of Air Purifier Services

T&H Mechanical Systems takes great pride in its air filtration services, not only in the quality of the equipment we sell, but in the efficiency with which we install and maintain it, and we tailor each session to the unique needs of your home. Following an initial consultation, we’ll help you find the right air purifier for your household, then install it with confidence and pride. The thoroughness of our service ensures that you won’t need to worry about a faulty installation creating problems, or a repair session that doesn’t get the job done. The quality of your indoor air is top priority with us. It means a healthier and happier home for you and your family, and we take great pride in ensuring that that’s always the case. Contact our staff today to get the process started!