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Dehumidifier Services in Stamford, CT by T&H Mechanical Systems

T&H Mechanical Systems - Dehumidifiers

Humidity. It’s a constant here in Connecticut during the warm summer months, and makes our already intense heat even more unbearable. When high humidity levels affect your household, temperatures feel warmer than they are and your entire family walks around with a clammy, uncomfortable feeling that never quite goes away no matter how long you run your air conditioner. Temperature levels are just one factor in keeping your household comfortable, and unless you can do something about the humidity levels in your home, you’ll end up paying more than you’d like.

The good news is that T&H Mechanical Systems can install, repair and maintain a high quality dehumidifier in your home. With it, those muggy summers won’t bother you at all, and your household will return to the comfort levels you expect. It may even save you on monthly bills, helping your air conditioner do its job with less stress and strain. If you live in Stamford, then give us a call today to find out more!

Trust T&H Mechanical Systems for dehumidifier services in Stamford, CT.

How High Humidity Affects You

Humidity levels are measured as a percentage called relative humidity. The higher the percentage, the more ambient moisture is in the air. When relative humidity rises above 50%, there’s too much moisture in the air to let the sweat evaporate off of your skin: your body’s primary natural means of cooling off. Your body temperature doesn’t go down and you feel hotter than you actually are. That forces your air conditioner to work harder than it should to help you feel comfortable. Furthermore, all that moisture means that mold and bacteria will grow more readily in your home, and can even damage your furnishing at high enough levels.

How a Dehumidifier Works

Dehumidifiers act in a manner similar to air conditioners, and indeed your air conditioner serves as a sort of dehumidifier by default, though it’s not built for such a purpose and high humidity levels can place it under undue strain. If you recall your high school science class, ambient moisture shifts into liquid form when the temperature drops. That why you get dew in the morning when temperatures are lowest. A dehumidifier simply lowers the temperature of the air, then collects the droplets of moisture in a pan for later removal. As a result, the air becomes drier, you feel more comfortable, and your air conditioner can do its job without undue strain. Not only does it improve your indoor air quality, but it lowers your monthly bills as well, and can help extend the life of your air conditioner to boot.

T&H Mechanical Systems Is the Company to Call for Dehumidifier Services

T&H Mechanical Systems has the skills and expertise to deliver a first–class installation of a new dehumidifier to your home. But that’s not all: we’re also on hand to keep it maintained with yearly service calls, and to fix any problems when they arise. Don’t let another hot summer come and go without ensuring proper protection against those stifling humidity levels. Contact us today and let us show you how much of a different a high quality dehumidifier can make!