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UV Air Purifier ServicesĀ in Stamford, CT

T&H Mechanical Systems - UV Air Purifiers

Nothing in life is more important than your family’s health. But germs and bacteria have a way of making life miserable no matter where you live or what qualities your Stamford, CT house may have. They come in through the doors and windows: carried by family members or floating in through the air. They breed in the humidity of our summers, and endure thanks to the warm air generated by our heaters in the winter. They’re of especial concern to households with newborn babies, elderly family members or those suffering from weakened immune systems, and little can be done to prevent their spread.

Or can it? A UV air purifier installed in your home makes a potent weapon against the spread of germs and bacteria, stopping them cold and attaining maximum effectiveness without imposing upon your space or time. Here in Stamford, CT, T&H Mechanical Systems installs, maintains and repairs UV purifier lights, and can help your family live happier, healthier lives as a result. Contact us today and let us show you how!

Rely on T&H Mechanical Systems for UV air purifier services in Stamford, CT.

What Is UV Light?

UV stands for "ultraviolet," a wavelength of light that humans can’t see, but which can definitely be felt. It’s what causes our skin to tan (and burn) when we’re out in the sun, and if you’ve ever been on a black light ride at an amusement park, it’s what makes your white clothes appear to glow in the dark. (It’s reacting to chemicals in your laundry detergent.) Sunburns notwithstanding, UV light is harmless to multi–celled organisms like people and pets. For germs and bacteria, however, it kills the dead, as well as preventing them from replicating and spreading.

How Do UV Air Purifiers Work?

A UV air purifier installed by T&H Mechanical Systems simply shines a UV light across the apex of your duct system, creating a field stretching from one side of the duct to the other. As your heater or air conditioner circulates the air in your Stamford, CT home, it passes through the ducts and "scrubs" the air through the UV light. Germs simply can’t escape it; they can’t help but pass through the light and be destroyed. And as your system continues to run, it will gradually eliminate them from your home: leaving it cleaner, fresher and healthier in the bargain.

Rely on T&H Mechanical Systems to Install and Maintain UV Air Purifiers

The good news about UV air purifiers is that they have few moving parts, and while a certain amount of maintenance is required (the light bulb needs to be periodically changed, among other reasons), repairs are very infrequent. Here in Stamford, CT, T&H Mechanical Systems can handle all aspects of UV air purifiers for you: from installation to servicing to those rare occasions when repairs may be in order. If a UV air purifier sounds like the right fit for you, call on our friendly service staff today. We’ll explain your options to you, help you find the right system for your home, and then install it with professionalism and pride!