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Indirect Water Heater ServicesĀ in Stamford, CT

T&H Mechanical Systems - Indirect Water Heater

When people think of water heaters, they usually think of the traditional tank model, and here in Stamford, most homes still use the old-fashioned method. There’s nothing wrong with them and the system remains an eminently reliable one. But it’s not the only type of water heart out there, and if you’re a homeowner, you would do well to consider one of those alternate models. Among them are indirect water heaters, which use less energy than traditional models without skimping on reliability.

They provide a number of benefits to your home, but like a lot of alternate energy models you need expert advice to install, service and maintain them. That’s where we come in. Our trained staff knows indirect water heaters backwards and forwards, and we have the skills to not only install a new one, but keep it well-maintained and fix it whenever I runs into problems. If you’re interested in learning more, then give our trained staff a call today!

Trust T&H Mechanical Systems with indirect water heater services in Stamford, CT.

How Do Indirect Water Heaters Work?

With classic tank water heaters, a burner system below the tank heats the entire water supply at once. Indirect water heaters do the job a little differently. The burner is separate from the tank and only heats a small amount of liquid. That liquid then passes through the water tank via a series of tubes, transferring the heat into the water there. It sounds elaborate, but it makes a lot of sense. With indirect heaters, the burners don’t have to work as hard as they do with traditional tank models. The water gets heated with a lot less stress to the system, saving you from repair and replacement costs as well as making your bills that much smaller.

You Need a Professional Technician for Installation and Service

The benefits of indirect water heaters also depend on a trained professional to keep them running the way they should. Repairs are infrequent, and don’t usually necessitate the wholesale replacement of the unit, but they require specific knowledge of indirect water heaters and can’t readily be transposed from knowledge of tank water heaters. Technicians also need to know the specifics of installation, which kind of space and fittings are needed, and how an indirect water heater should function when it’s operating at peak efficiency. In Stamford, CT, that means finding the right company with the skills and experience to do the job.

T&H Mechanical Systems Knows Indirect Water Heaters

At T&H Mechanical Systems, we have considerable experience installing and servicing indirect water heaters. Our trained staff can discuss the specifics with you from an informed position, then help you make a selection that fits your home perfectly. We can then install the system so that it works exactly the way you need it to, and set up a servicing schedule to check up on it regularly and keep little problems from turning into big ones. If trouble arises, T&H Mechanical Systems can be there in a flash to make things right. For indirect water heater service, ours is the name to call!