3 Benefits of Using a Heat Pump

Keeping our homes comfortable throughout the year is a goal that all homeowners can relate to. Doing so in the most efficient manner possible is another. If you are looking for great comfort and an affordable performance from an HVAC system, then you are wise to consider the use of a heat pump in Stamford, CT. Contact a member of our staff today to learn more. As you’ll read below, using a heat pump can benefit you in a few different ways. However, it is essential that you schedule your heat pump services with a skilled, trained professional if you really want to reap its maximum benefits. That is why you should work with the pros here at T&H Mechanical Systems.


The heat pump is capable of heating homes with great efficiency, because the heat pump does not actually generate heat. Unlike, say, a gas furnace, which will combust natural gas in order to generate heat with which to warm a home, the heat pump makes use of existing heat in the air outside. This heat warms refrigerant in the system, which is then compressed in the compressor. This boosts the refrigerant’s thermal energy even further, and that thermal energy is then used to heat the interior of a home. Only a very small amount of electricity is used in the process.


The heat pump uses a heat transfer method of heating one’s home, which is sort of like running an air conditioner in reverse. In fact, the heat pump is actually equipped with a component called a reversing valve, which allows it to reverse its refrigerant flow in order to cool a home during the summer season. When you choose to use a heat pump on your property, you can both heat and cool your home with one convenient system.


Heat pumps have fewer components than systems like furnaces, as they don’t have to generate heat. This means that there is less potential for operational problems to develop, and that heat pumps are quite reliable. Remember, though, that no HVAC system is perfect. Be sure to schedule routine maintenance in order to keep your heat pump working reliably.