Is It Time for a New Heating System?

Throughout the greater Stamford, CT area, we know that winter is coming, despite the pleasant surprise of warm weather for much of the last month. Whether you’ve been operating your heater as usual or giving it a rest, it’s important that it be ready to meet your heating requirements when the time comes for that New England winter that we’ve come to rely on. However, if yours is old and no longer operating like it should, then it may be time to say goodbye. Today’s heating systems are powerful and highly energy efficient. Here are some signs that you might be ready to make the switch.

  • Just how old is it? The service life of a furnace is not the same as that of a heat pump or boiler, and the manufacturer’s estimate will vary greatly depending on frequency of use, and how well it was maintained over the years. But if your heating system is over 15 years old, then you may want to at least consider the possibility of a new system at some point in the near future, even if yours still kicks on and puts out sufficient heat.
  • How much are you paying? It can be helpful to speak to a friend or family member about how much they’re paying to heat their similarly sized home. Sometimes, the discrepancy is mind-opening. If you suspect that your old heating system is costing you a small fortune, then it probably is. Speak to a heating professional about your energy efficiecy goals. Today’s ductless and ducted heat pumps, furnaces and boilers have extraordinary efficiency ratings.
  • Too many service calls. If you’re starting to see a bit too much of your heating technician, then it may be time to consider replacement rather than continue to paying for repairs. We never advise customers to replace their systems when it’s cheaper to repair, but there does come a time when the frequency of repairs over a given period of time begins to rival the cost of an entirely new heating system.

Our team of trained and experienced technicians can help you make a financially sound decision when it comes to heating replacement. Contact T&H Mechanical Systems today!