Why Does the Size of My Air Conditioner Matter So Much?

If you are in the market for a brand new air conditioning system for the first time in quite a while, then you may be a bit overwhelmed by the number of different cooling system options available to you. However, you must remember that the type of AC that you decide upon is not the only facet to consider prior to your air conditioning installation in New Canaan, CT. You must also be sure to work with a skilled, experienced professional in order to guarantee that your air conditioner is of the right size for your home.

How Does the Size of My Air Conditioner Affect Its Performance?

Let’s begin by discussing the more obvious problem in the sizing equation: the undersized air conditioner. If the air conditioner in your home is too small for your living space, then there is just no way in which it is going to be able to maintain the cool, comfortable temperature that you are hoping for. Not only will your system fail to cool your home in an effective and even manner, but it is also going to run for long periods of time, draining energy in the process. That will likely leave you to pay more for what is a decidedly subpar performance from your system.

After reading that, you may think, “Okay, I’ll just buy the biggest system that I can find.” However, this is not going to do you any favors, either. You see, an oversized air conditioner can actually be just as problematic as an undersized system can be. The system can wind up cooling your home too quickly, failing to dehumidify the air as much as it normally would, and causing the system to short cycle. This can negatively impact indoor air quality, and will also result in reduced efficiency levels.

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