Invertor Heat Pumps: Taking Efficiency Even Further

We’re big fans of heat pumps around here, as you’ve no doubt noticed. The benefits of using a heat pump in Westport, CT are well-documented. They are able to provide comfort all year long, thanks to the ability to reverse the cooling cycle, and their method of heat-transfer based heating is renowned for its outstanding efficiency.

Invertor heat pumps, though, which are also sometimes called variable speed heat pumps, are able to take that efficiency even further. Read on for a brief description of how this is accomplished. If you have any questions, or would like to invest in an invertor heat pump for your home, just give us a call.

What Is an Invertor Heat Pump?

An invertor heat pump uses a variable speed compressor to make the already efficient performance of a heat pump even more so. In a regular heat pump, the system’s compressor works at one constant speed. When the desired temperature is met in your home, the refrigerant cycle comes to a stop. It then starts up again once the home’s temperature changes enough to warrant its function once more. That means the system is balancing pressure and adjusting refrigerant temperature from the ground up every cycle.

With an invertor heat pump, though, the compressor works at different speeds. The necessary speed will be determined by both the heating/cooling load, as well as the temperature. This helps to reduce cycling, which is where the efficiency comes into play. Your system uses the most energy when starting up, so limiting its start ups limits energy consumption, as well. This can also reduce noise during operation. Keep in mind that “variable speed” may refer to blowers, too, so be sure that you are asking about invertors/variable speed compressors if you are shopping around.

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