Is It too Early for an AC Tune-Up?

We know, we know. It’s only February, and living in this part of the country means that there’s likely still a long stretch of cold weather waiting ahead of us. However, now is actually a great time to schedule your air conditioning maintenance in Stamford, CT. Sure, your heater is still working away, keeping the chill out of your home. Your air conditioner is on standby, though, just waiting for the TLC it needs in order to excel in its operation throughout the summer season. Read on, consider how important air conditioning maintenance is, and be sure to dial our number when you do decide to schedule service.

Why Schedule Service Now?

The answer is quite simple: why not? You never know when we’re going to hit an unseasonably warm stretch of weather, and you really don’t want your air conditioner to be unprepared when you turn it on for the first time. Plus, once you get your air conditioner up and running, you may start to tell yourself that it’s OK to just put your maintenance services off until a later date, and thus begins the slippery slope of delay. By scheduling your spring tune-up early, you can get it out of the way before you’ll need to turn the system on at all.

Plus, the fact of the matter is that air conditioning technicians are only going to get busier the warmer that the weather gets. Availability is going to be pretty good when you’re not quite out of winter, and not in the thick of the AC maintenance season. Don’t scramble at the last minute to find a technician that has the time to head right over to your home.

Finally, remember that air conditioning maintenance really must be completed at least once a year. The time of the year doesn’t really matter, and there is no rule saying that you can’t have it done at the end of the cooling season. If you had it maintained in the spring of last year, though, you shouldn’t wait until fall this year. All of the wear and tear that it accrued over the past summer season has, as of now, gone unchecked.

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