Why Your Gas-Fired Furnace Smells of Burning

The furnace is probably the most popular type of heating system used in this country, and throughout much of the world. The gas furnace is the preferred option of many, and it has a lot of benefits to offer homeowners. Natural gas tends to be fairly affordable, and is quite clean-burning for a fossil fuel. It is also a combustible gas, though, and you need to know for certain that your furnace is in the great working condition necessary for utilizing this fuel source safely. If you smell an odor of burning coming from your gas furnace in Westport, CT, you need to have the root problem resolved ASAP.

3 Common Causes of Burning Odors

There are quite a few reasons as to why you may smell a burning odor when running your gas, or electric, furnace. The first one we’ll discuss is least alarming: dust. Through no fault of your own, dust is bound to settle in your HVAC system. This will be cleaned out during routine maintenance but, depending upon the time of the year in which you have your system serviced, there may be enough time for it to build back up before you run your furnace for the first time. This dust may burn off, then, and lead to the burning odor.

You may also have a clogged air filter, and this may be your own fault. You cannot only have your filters changed during routine maintenance. You must change them yourself, at least every few months, though you should defer to the recommended frequency for your particular product. If your air filter are very dirty, they may create enough airflow resistance to cause your fan motor to overheat. This can lead not only to a burning odor, but also serious damage to your system.

Finally, you could have an electrical problem on your hands. That burning smell could be electrical wire coating, or plastic surrounding the wires/components. Whatever the case, it is a serious fire risk.

To avoid an inconvenient, and potentially dangerous, problem with your furnace, schedule repairs with T&H Mechanical Systems.