Why Use an Energy Recovery Ventilator?

When you heat your home in the winter and run your air conditioner to cool it down in the summer, you probably keep your doors and windows shut while you do so. After all, you don’t want the energy that you’ve paid for to heat or cool your home to go to waste, do you? This is sound logic, of course, but it does raise the question of how one can protect his or her indoor air quality, if his or her home is sealed up so tightly against the elements.

If you want to heat and cool your home with outstanding efficiency, while also enjoying the sufficient ventilation that you need in your home, consider the use of an ERV in Stamford, CT. Contact T&H Mechanical Systems to learn more about these systems.

What Is an ERV?

An ERV, or energy recovery ventilator, is a mechanical ventilation device that can be incorporated into an HVAC system in order to allow for adequate ventilation without unwanted energy loss. Essentially, this device is used to transfer heat between the incoming and outgoing airstreams. For instance, in the winter, when the air in your home is warm but stale and of low quality, the ERV brings in fresh, but cold, air. The outgoing air is used to pre-warm the incoming air, which cuts down on the strain to your heating system. In the summer, the outgoing cool air absorbs heat from the incoming hot air, so that it is pre-cooled. An ERV also balances humidity between the streams in order to further protect your air quality.

Striking the right balance between great efficiency and high indoor air quality has long been a point of struggle for homeowners. With an ERV in place, you can much more easily overcome that struggle. Give us a call today and begin taking advantage of energy recovery ventilation in your home.