What Is an Energy Recovery Ventilator, and Should I Be Using One?

One of the biggest misconceptions, when it comes to cooling — or heating, for that matter — one’s home in this day and age is that you have to choose between efficiency and air quality. Sealing up our homes in order to protect efficiency is normal, but often puts our indoor air quality in jeopardy. The HVAC and IAQ specialists on our staff have a solution, though, and it’s called an energy recovery ventilator.

When you use an energy recovery ventilator in Wilton, CT, you can strike a balance between efficiency, comfort, and air quality that you’ve likely never experienced before. Read the following information, and let us know if you think that energy recovery is right for you. We are happy to answer any questions that you may have.

How It Works, and How It Benefits You

When you run your air conditioner, that AC can dry out the air over time, reducing its overall quality. Modern homes have very little natural ventilation any more, as energy efficiency is on everyone’s mind. That means that you air quality may not recover, and you certainly aren’t going to open up your windows to freshen up the air at the expense of efficiency. With an ERV, you don’t have to.

An ERV is a mechanical ventilation device. Using a heat exchange process, it is able to vent cool, but stale, air out of your home, and it uses that outgoing air to absorb heat from the incoming fresh, but hot, air. That allows you to enjoy great indoor air quality while also recovering much of the energy that you’ve used to cool that outgoing air. In the winter, the outgoing heated air is simply used in order to pre-warm the incoming cold, but high-quality, air. Plus, humidity is exchanged in order to balance it out and further boost air quality.

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