Why Strange AC Sounds Are Cause for Concern

Even the most high-end, well-designed air conditioning systems are going to make some amount of noise as they operate. This is just to be expected. That being said, though, you should not be hearing unusually loud or entirely unfamiliar sounds emitting from your air conditioning system.

Despite the fact that your AC may seem to be operating just fine, these types of sounds really are cause for concern. If you start to hear any type of strange and/or unfamiliar sounds emanating from your system, contact us right away. It is more than likely that you need some sort of air conditioning repair in New Canaan, CT.

Banging sounds are pretty hard to ignore, even if they are not that aggressive. If you can hear something banging around in your air conditioning system, we strongly urge you to dial our number immediately. You could have a bent fan blade that is banging against the interior surfaces of your AC cabinet. There could also be a loose component in the system that is banging around against others, putting not only the loose component at risk of damage, but also those that it is hitting.

Screeching and/or squealing sounds are another sign that trouble is afoot. If your system is screaming at you, it may have a worn down or slipped fan belt. However, there may also be integral moving parts in the system that are not sufficiently lubricated. If this is the case, the friction being generated not only drags down energy efficiency, but may also result in excessive wear and tear and an increased risk of operational problems.

Hissing noises should be taken seriously as well, though they may be a little harder to notice. If you’re sitting in your house and hear hissing, it may be the sound of air leaking out of breaches in your ductwork. Of course, it could also be a refrigerant leak, as the pressurized gas may escape via holes in the lines. If you hear this noise near the outdoor unit, call us right away.

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