Spotting Signs of a Refrigerant Leak

While we may not yet be embroiled in the hottest time of the year, the most intense heat of summer is definitely fast approaching. If you are serious about cooling your home as effectively and reliably as possible, it is vital that you schedule air conditioning repairs in New Canaan, CT at the very first sign of trouble with your system. If you’ve run your air conditioner a bit already and have noticed the following issues, or if you come across them during the summer months, let us know right away. It is possible that you have a refrigerant leak in your air conditioning system.

Hissing or Gurgling Sounds

Did you know that you should keep your ears open for signs of refrigerant leaks, as well as your eyes? It’s true. If you walk past your system and hear a hissing or gurgling sound, it could be due to the fact that refrigerant is forcing its way out of your system via leaks.

Icing of the System

Your air conditioner is not a freezer, and the development of ice on your system is not indicative of an air conditioner working just a little too well. Instead, it means that the heat absorption process in the evaporator coil is compromised due to low refrigerant levels. Contact us if you notice ice on your system or water pooling around the unit.

Lukewarm Air

Does the air coming from your air conditioner still feel sort of warm? Are there warm spots throughout your home? Has your air conditioner always cooled your home evenly and effectively, but now seems incapable of working at this level of performance quality? Whatever the situation may be, you can count on our technicians to complete any repairs you may need properly, including those to resolve refrigerant leaks.

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