What Are Some Signs That I Need Air Conditioning Repairs?

If you want to cool your home effectively and reliably throughout the hottest time of the year, then it is important that you invest in a quality air conditioning system. Of course, it is also important that you schedule routine air conditioning maintenance, as this is by far the best way in which to keep your AC working as dependably as possible. Even the best, most well-maintained systems, though, are likely to encounter operational problems of some kind, at some point. When yours does, you really don’t want to delay in scheduling any necessary air conditioning repairs in Westport, CT.

In order to schedule prompt air conditioning repairs, which is certainly in your best interest if you hope to keep your system functional, you must first learn to recognize that your system is in trouble. That’s why we’ve put together a few examples of common warning signs to look out for. Remember to contact us at the first sign of trouble.

  • Hot spots throughout your home are a sure sign that your AC is struggling, assuming that it used to cool your home evenly and effectively. It’s possible that you have a refrigerant leak, damaged ductwork, or some other problem. We’ll diagnose that problem expertly, and resolve the situation entirely.
  • Increased cooling costs may also indicate that there is a problem with your home cooling system. If your AC is well-maintained, and you are not using it substantially more than at other times, then you should really be seeing spikes in your cooling costs. It’s possible that a problem with the system is causing it to function at reduced efficiency levels.
  • Ice on the system may lead you to believe that your air conditioner is just working exceptionally well. In actuality, though, this is likely a sign of a serious problem. If your air conditioner is leaking refrigerant, then it is not going to absorb heat sufficiently, which can lead to this icing.

Call T&H Mechanical Systems as soon as you suspect that you need air conditioning repairs.