What to Do If Your Heater Stops Working

We’re definitely moving into the spring season, and you may be thinking about replacing your AC or scheduling your air conditioning tune-up already. That’s all well and good, but you cannot expect to pack up your heating system for the year just yet. There are plenty of chilly days and downright cold nights ahead of us, and you are going to need to heat your home for a bit longer. If you suddenly find that your heating system has given out on you, don’t curse your luck for failing to make it out of the heating season unscathed. Before scheduling professional heating repairs in Greenwich, CT, rule out these simple fixes.

  1. Check Your Thermostat: This one sounds very obvious, but we’ve done it ourselves more than once: homeowners sometimes think that their heating systems are broken down when, in fact, the thermostat is just not set properly. Before you dial our number to have a professional technician evaluate your system, make sure that you have not set the wrong temperature on your thermostat, that it has not been switched off, and that you don’t have it set to a “fan-only” setting. You don’t need us coming to your house just to reset your thermostat.
  2. Is the Circuit Tripped?: Your heating system is going to use a lot more electricity than, say, your hairdryer or television, so it is likely running on its own circuit. While this will generally help to prevent the circuit from overloading, it may still trip from time to time. If your system shuts down suddenly, or won’t start up when it should, then it is possible that you just have to reset the circuit at the breaker box.
  3. What About the Emergency Switch?: Something that homeowners often forget about is their emergency off switch for their heating systems. If you do have such a switch in your home, it is likely covered with a red face plate and located near the entrance to the basement. If you have accidentally switched this to the off position, you may just need to turn it back on in order to allow your heater to start burning fuel once more.

When you do need heating repairs, T&H Mechanical Systems is the company to call.