Have You Considered Zone Controlled Cooling?

Do you have an air conditioning system in place that you wish you could exercise greater control over? Are you having a new system put into your home, and you want to ensure that get the very best performance that it can possibly offer? Then we suggest that you consider pairing your air conditioning system with a zone control system in Stamford, CT. With a zone control system, you can enjoy a level of control and customization that is too often lacking with forced air systems. Contact a member of our team today if you have any questions or, if after reviewing this information, you are ready to schedule zone control system services.

What Is a Zone Control System?

A zone control system is composed of 3 basic components, these being thermostats, a central control panel and electronic dampers. The thermostats are installed throughout the home, with one in each temperature zone. You and your HVAC technician will determine how best to zone your house for optimal results. Those thermostats are wired into the central control panel. So too are the electronic dampers, which are installed into the system’s ductwork. When you adjust any given thermostat in the system, any corresponding dampers will open or close as needed, allowing more or less conditioned air into those areas. If you use a forced air heating system that shares ductwork with your AC, you can utilize zone controlled heating as well.

How Does This Benefit Me?

When you choose to use a zone control system in your home, you are able to regulate temperatures throughout your house more thoughtfully than you’d otherwise be able to. That helps you to cut down on energy costs, as you’ll only have to heat and cool those areas of your home that you choose to, and only as much as you’d like. No longer must you heat and cool unused areas of the house to the same temperature as those that are regularly occupied. Plus, this helps everyone to live more comfortably, as different residents will inevitably be comfortable at different temperatures.

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