Can I Really Heat My Home with a Heat Pump?

A lot of homeowners are interested in using heat pumps in order to heat their homes, but are hesitant because of just how cold our winter weather can get. It’s an understandable hangup, but it is one that more modern technology has helped to make obsolete. The fact is that today’s heat pumps really are capable of heating homes effectively, even when the temperature really drops. Read on, and be sure to let us know if you think that using a heat pump in Wilton, CT is right for you.

But It’s So Cold Out…

Yes, the weather gets very cold here during the winter season. However, heat pumps are still able to pump heat even when temperatures outside lead you to believe that there is none to be had. If the air felt warm to you, after all, you wouldn’t be heating your house in the first place!

It is true that air source heat pumps may not work quite as efficiently when heating your home during stretches of very cold weather, but they are still going to operate relatively efficiently in such cases. Paired with the exceptional efficiency they operate with in more moderate conditions, it still all averages out to great energy savings.

Plus, if you are really worried about your heat pump being overwhelmed, you should know that most standard heat pumps are also able to use electric resistance heating should they be overwhelmed by the cold. Once they catch up or conditions change for the better, they can automatically revert back to the primary heating method. This can put your mind at ease in terms of extreme cold performance.

Also, you should give ductless heating systems some attention. They use heat pump technology as well. Some ductless mini split heat pumps offer even greater reliability in cases of extreme cold than traditional heat pumps do. Should you decide to use a heat pump of any kind, know that our technicians can ensure that you get the very best performance that yours has to offer. Ask about the further efficiency benefits of invertor heat pumps, too.

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