Help! My Furnace Is Making Strange Sounds!

Using a furnace to heat one’s home is the preferred method of many for staying comfortable during the coldest time of the year. Furnaces are efficient, effective, and affordable. What they are not, however, is 100% reliable. No mechanical system, all heaters included, can truthfully claim to be.

Fortunately for you, your furnace will most likely exhibit signs of trouble before suffering serious damage. If you know how to spot those signs of trouble, you’ll be able to schedule any necessary furnace repairs in Greenwich, CT as promptly as possible. That gives your furnace a fighting chance.

So What Is This Strange Sound Telling Me?

Most problems that you will encounter with any heating system may arise from multiple circumstances. Some aren’t all that alarming, while other alternatives are quite serious. Only a trained professional can assess the situation in order to determine with certainty what you are dealing with.

Screeching or whining sounds may be the result of a loose belt in the motor that drives the fan. It could also be the result of friction between metal components, which can easily be resolved with added lubrication. We’ll figure out exactly what is wrong to rule out the most serious issues.

Booming sounds when you start up your heater could be the result of delayed ignition. If you use a combustion based heating system and fuel ignition is delayed, then too much fuel may build up in the combustion area before igniting. That leads to a bigger boom than is intended upon ignition, and that can prove dangerous. If you use a ducted system, it could also just be the sound of ducts expanding or contracting. See why you need a professional diagnosis?

Rumbling may develop when using your boiler, and that probably means that it is kettling. For some reason, the water in the boiler is getting hotter than it should, causing it to approach the boiling point, or to actually boil. You don’t want this, contrary to what the name of the system implies. You may also have a layer of scaled due to hard water that is forming a barrier and causing water beneath it to boil.

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