Why Use a Boiler to Heat My Home?

A lot of homeowners use forced air heating systems, such as furnaces, in order to heat their homes. Furnaces offer very prompt heating, thanks to their forced air heat distribution style. The use of ductwork can invite a few problems to the heating experience, though, and using a boiler in Wilton, CT can help to eliminate this risk.

Boilers are renowned for their efficiency, durability, and effective heating performance. Just remember that your boiler absolutely must be professionally installed and serviced if you hope to truly get the best performance that it has to offer. When you work with our boiler technicians, you’ll be able to heat your home with the success that you deserve.

Protect Efficiency and Air Quality

The major problem with ductwork is that it can leak. Not every system will, and properly installed and maintained ductwork can operate very well. When issues with leaks do develop, though, they can be tough to recognize. It’s not like you can just quickly give your air ducts a visual inspection to spot problems. Because of this, many homeowners are wasting energy when heating their homes without even realizing it.

Worse yet, they are living less comfortably, even as they are paying more to heat their homes. The use of a boiler can help you to avoid this situation, as no ductwork will be used in its operation. Instead, boilers heat homes through the use of radiant heat distribution.

A typical boiler installation will include a hydronic heating system, in which tubing circulates water heated by the boiler throughout the house beneath the floors. This applies heat directly to the floors, and that heat radiates out into the living space, evenly and effectively heating objects like furniture and human bodies within that space. In some systems, baseboards or radiators may be used, though hydronic heating is a preferred method these days.

With this type of heating system, there is no ductwork to leak and waste energy. You also won’t have to worry about pollutants entering the ductwork system and distributing pollutants throughout the house. Even the dust and dirt on the floor of your home, minimal as it may be, can be stirred up by forced air heating, resulting in reduced indoor air quality.

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