Winter Is Coming, and Humidity Will Fall

During the summer time, the humidity in the air can make the heat feel intolerable after a while. Our body’s naturally cool themselves by sweating, and if the air surrounding your body is too humid, the evaporation of that sweat is impeded. That is why high humidity is such a problem in terms of overall comfort.

When winter comes along, though, the air outside can actually have the opposite problem. It can be too dry. This is no better than excessively humid air, and it can cause many issues with your comfort and even with your property. It’s early yet to be thinking about your heater and the chill of winter, but you may want to consider the installation of a whole-house humidifier in New Canaan, CT.

Why Is Dry Air a Problem?

Because the air outside is dry in the winter, it only stands to reason that the air in your home will follow suit. Likewise, you can expect the objects in that house filled with dry air, including your possessions and your own body, to start to dry out as well. This where the problems really come into play.

You may notice that your skin is drying out and itchy. Eventually, it will start to crack. This is painful, and incredibly annoying when split skin starts to bleed. Additionally, your nasal passages and throat can dry out. This can leave you more susceptible to illness than you’d otherwise be, and you may find that sore throats and bloody noses are more frequent, too. Even static electric shocks can rise in frequency due to very dry air.

The issues are not limited to those on your body, though. Your property may be compromised as well. The aforementioned static shocks could wind up damaging sensitive electronics in your home. It’s possible for wood to warp or split, and paint may chip while wallpaper cracks. All of these issues can be resolved and avoided conveniently with the use of a properly sized, professionally installed and serviced whole-house humidifier.

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