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Commercial HVAC Services in Norwalk, CT

Helping Businesses with their Heating & Cooling Needs

The people who work, live, or conduct business on your commercial property expect a certain level of comfort. If you cannot provide an environment that makes everyone feel welcome, productivity could suffer and clientele may be unwilling to return. The commercial HVAC system on your property helps things run smoothly but you need professionals to service it if you expect continued performance that meets your expectations.

For commercial HVAC systems that are 25 tons and under, you can count on the friendly professionals at T&H Mechanical Systems for any services you may need.

This includes:

  • The initial installation
  • Any sudden repairs you may require
  • Heater or air conditioner replacements
  • Routine maintenance services
  • Supplementary indoor air quality systems

Let our experts be the source for your commercial heating and cooling needs in Fairfield and Westchester Counties.

Contact us online or give us a call at 203-644-1098. We look forward to serving your business.

Commercial HVAC Installations for Systems 25 Tons & Under

Commercial heating and cooling systems of different sizes have different service needs and our experts specialize in those systems that are 25 tons or smaller. That means that when you choose us to install or replace a light commercial air conditioning or heating system, you can trust that we’ve had extensive experience with this type of unit.

Some of the many units we can service are:

  • Boilers
  • Furnaces
  • Central AC
  • Heat pumps
  • Thermostats
  • Zone control systems

Our Stamford heating & AC specialists are well-versed in the different brands and models on the market and we will ensure that you get one that suits all of your requirements.

Maintaining Commercial Heating & Cooling Systems

Having a quality commercial HVAC system in place isn’t enough to keep you comfortable throughout the year. You also have to make sure that the system is properly taken care of. Only a professional technician can be sure that yours is working correctly all year long.

Call our technicians as soon as you notice an issue with the unit or if you want to schedule a routine maintenance visit. We can check on some of the key components and prepare your air conditioner and heater for another season of service.

Commercial Indoor Air Quality Units

There are many different reasons you may decide to install an indoor air quality system that works with your commercial HVAC system. An air filtration system or purifier may help to keep the people who use your commercial property healthier. A humidifier can help to protect valuable items that dry air may damage. Whatever your needs, we can find the indoor air quality system that’s right for your business.

Give us a call at 203-644-1098 to learn more about our commercial HVAC services.