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Frequently Asked Questions About HVAC

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T&H Mechanical Systems in Norwalk believes in empowering our HVAC customers through education. We have compiled a quick list of frequently asked questions about air conditioners, heaters, and more that you can reference when your HVAC system starts acting up. If you know you want the help of our experts, though, please call (203) 424-2100 or contact us online to arrange a service.

FAQs Answered by Our Pros

  1. Why is my air conditioner not blowing cold air?
    It could be a dirty air filter, a low freon charge, a bad capacitor, a faulty contactor, or a system cleanliness issue that stops your AC from actually producing cold and cool air. Our technicians can inspect your system to get to the source of the issue and recommend the right cost-effective fix.
  2. Why does my furnace smell bad when I first turn it on?
    Dust in your furnace will burn off after the first time it is lit after a period of disuse. You are probably smelling the dust burning away. It is generally of no concern, as long as the odd odor does not persist.
  3. Why does my air conditioning system not cool as well in certain spots of my house?
    Particular areas or rooms in your home may have increased infiltration – or the addition of outside air – that makes it difficult for your AC unit to keep them cool. Increased drafts and similar issues related to infiltration tamper with climate control effectiveness. Although, the problem could be related to dirty coils or filters. Let our HVAC pros inspect your system to find out what is going on.
  4. Why does my AC unit leak water?
    Debris in the bottom of the condenser coil or drain line may be causing a leak. It is also possible that a corroded pan on your evaporator coil is the cause.
  5. Why does my warm-air condensing furnace shut down from time to time for no reason?
    If a furnace shuts itself off, the answer is usually an air duct restriction has occurred. Dirty air filters or a condensate trap that is partially clogged may cause the system to start to overheat. As a safety precaution, the entire thing shuts down.
  6. Why does my humidifier not work as well as it did before?
    A dirty cylinder or pad or a lack of water in the machine is often the simple reason why a humidifier doesn’t work well. Another common reason is your home’s rate of infiltration has increased.
  7. Why does my furnace squeal when in use?
    There are a lot of moving parts in a furnace that could cause an odd noise. Anything from motor bearings, circulator bearings, or even loose debris in the blower compartment could be the cause. Routine maintenance from our team can help.
  8. Why does my furnace not heat as well as last year?
    Poor heater performance is likely caused by dirty parts, a bad gas valve, or an old filter that needs to be replaced.
  9. Why does my AC unit smell when I first turn it on?
    When you turn on an AC unit after not using it all winter, there is likely to be water or debris left over from the last time it was ran. You may smell a musty or dusty odor when first using it. The odor should diminish with time and should not be a serious issue.
  10. Why do the lights dim when my AC unit goes on?
    The transformer owned by the power company and located out on your street may be faulty if turning on your AC unit causing an electrical short or flicker. It is possible, however, that the compressor in your AC system could have restrictions or be overcharged.
  11. Does my boiler require inspections every year?
    Manufacturers recommend you have your home’s boiler inspected once a year just to make sure nothing is going bad with the system and your thermostat controls. Plus, a yearly inspection ensures the boiler is safe for use, which you’ll want to know if expecting a harsh winter.

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